The Ski Slope - Episode 24 - Put Up Your Duke

After a long hiatus, the boys are back for Episode 24 and discuss Duke’s recent boxing victory at The Haymakers for Hope charity event.  The fellas also try to recollect which laundry at Swago was sent out versus kept in-house and get into such varied topics as immigration, the Keystone pipeline, voice-user interfaces, Bill Cosby, Austin, TX, and much more


The Ski Slope - Episode 23 - The Berk/Moose Friendiversary

On Episode 23, the boys welcome back Swago legends, Ed Berk and Michael "Moose" Miller, and help them celebrate their 46th "friendiversary."  Unfortunately, Moose's phone connection is not the best, but that doesn't stop the boys from discussing grandparents at Visiting Day, celebrities who would've fit in at Swago, "Here Lies Love," the situation in Ferguson, MO, and much, much more.  The boys also offer a memorial tribute to Steve Applebaum.


The Ski Slope - Episode 22 - Don’t Stop Believin’

On Episode 22, the boys welcome beloved camper, counselor, and group leader, Ricky Friedman.  Discussions include a little World Cup soccer, the single greatest athletic moment within the confines of Swago, the frustration of the Sheldon years, Swagoites' secondary use for Marathon candy bars, and, of course, some deep talk about the love for Swago/Swatonah.


The Ski Slope - Episode 21 - Lieberbaum and Allen

On Episode 21, the boys welcome two of the most iconic Swago figures from the 70's -- Lieberbaum and The Al.  Highlights include a story about the only camper kicked out of Swago during the late-70's for attempting to create an explosive device, Jonny losing his teeth on Swat Road, The Al kicking field goals for Ohio State, and how Jonny's weight loss brought to life a new language.  The boys also get into the Donald Sterling/NBA situation and discuss how social media may have lessened the preciousness of camp friendships.


The Ski Slope - Episode 20 - Lenny and Leiby

On Episode 20, the boys welcome back Lenny and Leiby and hear about the origins of their friendship at Pierce Day Camp, the N22 bus from Great Neck to Roslyn, Adam's uncanny resemblance to a former camper, the origins of smoothies, Swago pizza, the Senior Party, and much more.  This episode also includes a few musical numbers including "Put Another Nickel In," a Lolly, and a very short rendition of Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch."


The Ski Slope - Episode 19 - The Man Who Begot Roslyn

On Episode 19, the boys welcome great friend, bunk mate, and the undisputed most improved basketball player in Swago history, David Feldman. A wide variety of subject matter is covered in this episode including the limited usefulness of seeing colleges, the proper protocol for ripping paperbacks in half, respect for David Brenner, Lolly Lo methodologies, and so much more.


The Ski Slope - Episode 18 - My Dinner with Swatonah

On Episode 18, the boys venture out to Roslyn, Long Island and enjoy a delightful dinner with two of their Swatonah contemporaries, Jill Bernstein and Amy Lippman.  This mature, modern Social, on a Thursday night no less, results in some interesting discoveries.


The Ski Slope - Episode 17 - Noodles

*WARNING: Those with gluten sensitivity  issues should take caution. On Episode 17, the boys welcome their fellow victorious White Team '80 Color War Leader, Henry "Noodles" Niden.    Noodles details his Swago tenure including how he got his nickname, his almost perfect Senior A basketball game, having a twin sister in a group above him, and much more.  


The Ski Slope - Episode 16 - Burning 2013

On Episode 16, the boys are on their own and bid adieu to 2013 by discussing their feelings about inspirational quotes, their ignorance of the plot of "Anything Goes," new developments in men's underwear, same-sex marriage, an idea for a time-lapse photography app, and so much more.

*Note the original upload of this episode was missing about 20 minutes.  Full episode, including the missing 20 minutes, was uploaded on 12.19.13 at 8:25 am.


The Ski Slope - Episode 15 - D-Al

On Episode 15, the boys welcome one of the core members of their Swago sanctum, David Allen (a/k/a D-Al).  A longtime Swagoite with strong family ties to the camp and about a third of the other campers, David shares his memories of going from a Jay in '71 to a Green Color War Leader in '81.  Enjoy!

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