The Ski Slope - Episode 47 - COVID-19 Part II

On Episode 47, the boys are joined by Ed Berk, Moose, and Ricky Friedman.  Ricky updates us on the status of the coronavirus, particularly in NYC.  While we don't promise much on The Slope, we do believe you'll learn more from Ricky this episode than you're likely to from "other" news sources, The Swago Rattler notwithstanding.


The Ski Slope - Episode 46 - Why Planning an Apache Relay is Good Practice for Responding to a Pandemic

On Episode 34, the boys discuss how their quarantines are going, get into the government's response to the coronavirus, and reveal that they never went horseback riding as campers.


The Ski Slope - Episode 45 - COVID-19

On Episode 45 of The Ski Slope, the boys welcome Dr. Ricky Friedman who breaks down the facts and fictions surrounding the Coronavirus.  Our hope is that this apolitical episode of The Slope provides the Swago/Swatonah community with the information necessary to halt a run on limited infirmary resources.  


The Ski Slope - Episode 44 - Ed Berk for Mayor of New York

On Episode 44, the boys welcome NYC mayoral candidate, and former Swago mayor, Ed Berk.  Ed is joined in studio by Michael "Moose" Miller and Mark Pearlstein. While most of the episode is dedicated to Ed's mayoral platform, a few camp tidbits are thrown in for good measure.  A good listen for anyone who spent their summers on Swago Lake during the latter half of the 20th Century or those interested in seeing real change in the great city of New York. 


The Ski Slope - Episode 43 - Beat Keeyumah

After a long hiatus, The Ski Slope is back!  On this episode, Alan tells the story of how Swago finally beat Keeyumah.  Chief Sagamore can rest peacefully once more.


The Ski Slope - Episode 42 - Mayweather v. McGregor Preview

On Episode 42, the boys (actually, just Howie this time out) welcome group-mate and martial artist, Henry Zucker, to the Slope to discuss the upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.


The Ski Slope - Episode 41 - The 27 Percenters

On Episode 41, the boys gather at the Insider Hotel in Manhattan and welcome Duke's brother, Mark, for a delightful chat that covers the pros and cons of urban living, the first week of the Trump administration, a few conspiracy theories, and an elaboration on the "Swagotopian" concepts discussed last episode.


The Ski Slope - Episode 40 - The Road to Swagoism

On Episode 40, a Mayor’s Roundtable is convened to discuss the election of Donald J. Trump, the shortcomings of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, health care, “fake news,” trade, and, in a heartwarming conclusion, an agreed to political philosophy known as “Swagoism.”


The Ski Slope - Episode 39 - The Mayoral Roundtable

On Episode 39, the boys welcome Ed Berk, Moose Miller, and David Allen to an unbiased discussion of the current presidential election. Despite some spotty Wi-Fi (apparently caused by either the Russians or Tyler Hill), this episode does eventually get into a decent political discussion. Good Rest Hour listening.


The Ski Slope - Episode 38 - Dr. Crow on the Delaware

On Episode 38, the boys head off to do a podcast on the banks of the mighty Delaware River and are joined by Dr. James Crow, whose sour mash helps fuel discussions concerning winks from the universe, the presidential race, boxing, Hamilton, camping tips, and much, much more.

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