The Ski Slope - Episode 34 - Aloha

On a very short and sweet Episode 34, the boys do the show from Hawaii and discuss Duke's wedding, which took place just a few days before.  


The Ski Slope - Episode 33 - Tribute to Chewy

On Episode 33, the boys pay tribute to “Chewy” Lerman, a legendary Swagoite who was instrumental in reinvigorating the life and energy of Swago and Swatonah after they had closed as camps.  Guests include Moose Miller, Ed Berk, and Sherry Taxman, who provides a particularly tender and sweet remembrance.  The boys also discuss Duke’s upcoming wedding, canteen logistics, walks up Swat Road, and much more.


The Ski Slope - Episode 32 - Boog

On Episode 32, the boys welcome good friend and group mate, Jon “Boog” Powell.  Boog discusses a variety of topics including passing up a color sweater for a trip to the Holy Land, “FUP,” and his greatest Swago athletic moment.  The boys also get into presidential politics, the best-dressed men in television history, and much, much more.


The Ski Slope - Episode 31 - Project Leroy

On Episode 31, the boys listen to a recording given to them by one of their former group mates and made by their group, the Inters, in 1978.  The recording was used for the Inters' raid on Swatonah that summer -- a raid that was later immortalized in a Swatonah Color War razzer/comic.


The Ski Slope - Episode 30 - A Riddler on the Foof

On Episode 30, the boys welcome Mitch Baum to the show.  Topics discussed include yogurt, the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, Apache Relay protests, color war leader tapping, interactions with Rita, S. Switzer’s performance as Tevye at Cornell, and much, much more.


The Ski Slope - Episode 29 - Memories of Audrey

On Episode 29, the boys focus their attention on Swatonah and welcome Swatonahites, S. Tanzer, B. Nachamie, S. Wittlin, L. Kaplan, J. Wilkov, S. Foster, and R. Schubert, who generously share their memories of Audrey Rosenbluth, Swatonah’s beloved owner.  A. Nachamie pays a short visit as well.  A very special episode featuring a few musical numbers, including the Swatonah Alma Mater and a rendition of “We’d Sail Upon the Beautiful Lake” (a/k/a “Message to Audrey”), the official conference call hold song of The Ski Slope.


The Ski Slope – Episode 28 – Bridging the Gap

On Episode 28, the boys welcome Andrew Kay, a Swagoite who left Swago to become a kitchen boy and then head of arts-and-crafts at Swatonah.  A wide range of topics are discussed including Andrew’s father starting Swago in 1926, S Bunks, Swago’s ties to the NY Ethical Society and Mu Sigma fraternity, the business of the canteen, the introduction of sailfishes, memories of Audrey, bartering with Stan Feld, the Middle East, and, of course, credit default swaps. 


The Ski Slope - Episode 27 - “Some[one] [Who]’s Fine”

On Episode 27, the boys honor the memory of Larry Fine, a Swago legend.  Phoning in are Larry’s friends, Mitch Shapiro and Berl Gottlieb, who are kind enough to share their memories of Larry. Ski Slope beat reporter, Ed Berk, also phones in and provides a report from the funeral of Swatonah’s beloved owner, Audrey Rosenbluth. 


The Ski Slope - Episode 26 - The “Inside Man” Man

On Episode 26, the boys tackle streaming the show live and welcome Swagoite and Hollywood screenwriter, Russell G. to the Slope, as well as D-Al to the Slope's new chat line.  Topics discussed include: Hillary's email, Lake Huntington, Duke's engagement, Russ's performance as Conrad Birdie, and much, much more. 


The Ski Slope - Episode 25 - The Slam Jam

On Episode 25, the boys head uptown and take the show to The Studios at Music Makers of NY where they make the most of their chance to jam with blues/soul musician, Slam Allen, and, the one and only, Moss.  Featured appearances by Popkin and photographer extraordinaire, Cristina Arrigoni.  This episode also includes a bit of the jam ("Baby, Can I Hold You" and "Purple Rain") at 16:38 to 30:37.  Apologies for some lost audio in the opening segment.

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